Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Resurgence

I will be able to post blogs from a real computer in a week. I can't wait. Every time I want to relay my thoughts onto this blog, I am saddled with the the limitations of my failing iPhone. Ever since I started the Osiris Chronicles, my technology has been resisting me. My phone was once able to handle my typing on the safari browser, and now it freezes when I try. 

I am doing my best to keep this blog updated. Osiris has hurt his hip again, so I've been busy making sure he isn't over exerting himself. I think he was just happy and feeling young for a day, and he paid for it. Apparently there are meds that I can give him to help, so I will be looking into those. He got a haircut recently, I took the scissors to him. I feel like I did a good job, and he looks happy for it. That enthusiasm is probably what aggravated his hip injury. 

Have you ever had a moment where you remember something that is important, but somehow forget it before you can translate that thought into writing? This just happened to me. Between nightmares and flashes of forgetfulness, I've had a rough go of things. I've been recommended to keep a dream journal. Draw what is in the dreams, write what is remembered. I've started doing this already, as I mentioned in a previous blog entry. Nothing worth mentioning so far, and the only nightmare I had since starting this I had forgotten in translation much like just now. I will persevere, however, and hope something comes of this. 

Another woman came up to me, while at the video store. She asked simply, "have you looked under the first layer yet?". I was bewildered. I thought the first crazy lady was an anomaly. I think there is a prankster paying nice old ladies to tell me cryptic nonsense. The weird thing is though, she rented The Stand, the Stephen King mini series version. I think it's possible the prankster knew I mentioned The Stand earlier, but how would they know who I am? 

Continuing my random video game write ups will be L.A. Noire. I'll have my thoughts on it in an upcoming blog post. 

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