Monday, June 27, 2011

The Electricity

I was able to get the video game InFamous 2 a couple weeks ago, and after playing it non stop for quite a while, these are my impressions. 

The gameplay is solid. The parkour climbing aspects have been cleaned up and there are new, fun ways to scale buildings. The buildings themselves are varied nicely, and the half underwater "flood town" is a cool locale. No one building or place stood out, but the city as a whole felt solid. 

The fighting mechanics are much better. Cole gains many great new attacks and the melée aspect has been greatly improved. He carries a giant electrical tuning fork looking weapon called the "amp" and with it, melée combat is immensely satisfying. 

The storyline is good, not too simple and yet not convoluted. It's easy enough to follow. The game opens with a comic book style cinematic that's gets you up to speed. 

All in all, great game. InFamous 1 was great, and InFamous 2 improved on nearly all facets. Even the new voice actor did a fine job. 

No real news, just been talking to my fiancée's friends. Apparently some guy has been sneaking into their garage and messed with their electrical inside it. I think it's just some deadbeat neighbor. 

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