Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Punch

Pixi punched me in the eye today. Flush. I've spent the whole day with a bandage around my head that I periodically put ice on. Her claw actually got my eyeball itself, so it's been miserable on that front. Osiris is enjoying the cool breezes that have infiltrated our room. He seems the happiest for this cool June. I can't blame him, it can't be easy being a long haired Golden Retriever in the summer. We'll shave his belly some when we get clippers. 

I'm not sleeping well. Maybe 5 hours on a good night. It's frustrating, especially since there hasn't been a bad dream for a while. The most recent nightmare involved a storm. The sky was red and lightning shook the house. The sky actually laughed at me. I woke up right there. I am sketching my dreams now, after this one. I'm going to lock those sketches away, and look back on them after I get past this string of nightmares. I promise to talk about something non nightmare related next entry. 

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