Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Abductions

There are reports on the news. Children are going missing. Every local telecast has been talking non stop about it. They are giving tips to parents about watching out for their children. They advise, that even if the stranger is dressed in a nice suit, it doesn't mean he can be trusted. I guess kids are trained to think bad people only dress in grungy clothes. It isn't much of a stretch to think an abductor can dress nicely to give children a false sense of security. That was the only part that stands out to me. The rest of the tips, including the "strangers with candy" the "vans" and all that jazz is such staple advice that I wish they'd discontinue, only because parents should not need the news to tell their kids that for them. It's common sense, and parents should already know about it. Oddball things, like the abductor's dress, is comething most people don't think of. We need that more if we want these abductions to stop. I'll post more details as I learn of them.

Osiris will be going to the vet on wednesday for his hip. I hope it is a simple leg break, and they'll cast him up, and he'll be back in god shape in a couple weeks. He just won't sit still, and it frustrates me that he won't just calm down and rest. He is a trooper though, and still wants to play and run around. It melts my heart. I hope that I can help him and he'll be the active and happy dog that I know him as.

Battlefied Bad Company 2(BBC2) is a great game. In preparation of the launch of the new Battlefield 3, I decided to finally pick up BBC2. This game is solid. The game plays silky smooth and the controls feel natural as soon as you get used to them. The environments are almost totally destructable, which is a neat feature. Almost every building can be blown up, and that is something new to the first person shooter genre. The storyline is solid, nothing too special, but it is servicable. The level design is actually really something special. While yes, most of it is a straight forward game, there are levels like the blizzard level that changes up the pace in a really enjoyable way. The graphics are amazing, and although the game plays at 30 frames per second, it isn't bogged down in any way by the action on the screen. Overall, BBC2 is a great game, that really got me excited for the upcoming Battlefield 3, which, unfortunately, is not a sequel to BBC2, but a sequel to 2005's PC Battlefield 2.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Upbeat

Today a couple of our friends, Lynn and Charlie, came over, promising to treat us to pizza. I needed a break from the routine of questioning reality, so naturally, we went to Pizza Hut. I brought the camera, so naturally, I have footage. It was a good day, so it was easy to be comfortable, and at ease. I feel like uploading something upbeat again, after the unsettling Nightmare video. In regards to the Nightmare video, why did YouTube make it look letterbox? I haven't watched the YouTube version all the way, because the letterbox look the uploaded video throws a lot into doubt for me. Is YouTube taunting my perception? I haven't looked through the footage, but I don't feel much like I need to. I'll upload it as soon as my fiancee is done using the camera.

Osiris and Pixi are dirty. They need baths. Trouble is, neither of them like baths very much, so getting them to jump in and get clean is a chore in and of itself. Pixi smells worse though, so I may tackle that chore first. I wish we had a fence so I could just hose them down.

The rope toys are gone. The dogs liked those a little too much. They made their feelings known by destroying the jack made out of tennis ball. It's not our fault they eat the rope material, so they shouldn't look at us when we quit buying them rope toys. It is my hope that they will just accept the new toys from here on out instead of showing their displeasure with their current batch. That jack toy is over 3 years old and just now they ripped it apart. Not cool.

I'm going to keep the video game reviews coming along. I will give my thoughts on Resistance 3 and Dead Island when they launch, and then I will do a Gears of War 3 review. No reviews for October, unless I can put Battlefield 3 down long enough to do a write up on it. November will see an Uncharted 3 review, Modern Warfare 3 and Saint's Row 3. As you can tell, the number "3" is a big one this holiday season. In my next blog, I will do a review of Battlefield Bad Company 2. I'm a bit late to the Battlefield party, but hopefully a review now may add even more interest to Battlefield 3. If I decide that a newer, more relevent to today, game is more worthy, I will review that instead.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Eyes

Osiris licks his paws. I don't know if this is an obsessive compulsive thing, or if he just thinks they're really dirty. We have to yell at him to stop, so he doesn't lick himself raw. I sometimes think about putting socks on him for a while just to get him to stop, but our floors are slippery enough without taking away his traction. He's done this for years now, and I just don't understand it. I think Pixi may be picking up on this habit. I've already had to yell at her to stop doing this as well. They're both very good dogs though, so I don't care too much if they get yelled at for something like this. They almost never hear us raise our voices to them, so they can just deal with it. It's for their own good, at least in my opinion.

I threw french fries at the dogs today. Osiris just sat next to the edge of the bed and I threw them right to him. I made Pixi leap into the air for her's. Well, she decided to leap into the air. No one made her. It made for an amusing time. I love seeing the look on a dog's face when you give them a treat that is too hot or too cold but tastes delicious to them. It's moments like those that you treasure and look back on fondly. It's moments like those that inspired me to start this group of web pages. I can't imagine keeping more than one blog, YouTube channel and twitter account, so we share. Osiris and I share a home, and I think our experiences directly affect each other, so I have no problem posting blogs and videos that aren't always completely related to the life and times of Osiris.

I found the charge cable to the camera. It just popped back into existence, as if by magic. I charged up the camera and it seems to work just fine still. There is something strange though. There are videos on there that I don't remember filming. Videos I think would be impossible to film. I haven't looked at too many of them yet, but I saw one, and posted it on the YouTube channel. The red sky. It's there. I've only seen this in my nightmares. I don't ever remember taking a video of it. From the ambient sounds of birds, it sounds like it takes place during the morning, but I am never awake at those hours. The sunrise also would never leave a sky looking like that. Not a uniform red. I asked my fiancee about the sky and she said she's never seen it quite like that.

I feel like I am being watched. Like there are eyes peering into my house, from every window, all at once. When I look, they vanish. I think this is happening while I am awake, because I seem to only hear voices in my dreams. I don't feel safe. Not alone, at least. I lock the pets in here, so that I have company. They seem so blissfully unaware of the eyes that surround the house. I wish I was too.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Perception

Day and night are blending. Sleep is awareness and awake is a dream. I feel tired all the time, no matter if I am awake or asleep. Most of the time I cannot tell the difference. I feel almost as if I am in 2 different realities. It seems like I post here all the time, but either I didn't, or I dreamt the posts. I also feel like I posted more YouTube videos, but when I look at the channel, they aren't there and I can't remember what they even were about.

Osiris' hip is bothering him. We think it is dislocated or something. A vet visit is imminent. I know this is true, because no matter if I am awake or dreaming, his hip is bad. It is a constant. When reality seems surreal, it is hard to take matters seriously if they appear to be just a dream. Osiris eats, and eats well, though he has lost weight. I worry, but he is still only a middle aged dog. Every day, though, I am happy to know I am documenting his life through this series of websites.

I watched the movie Inception, and it only furthered my perpetual state of surreal awareness. The movie was good, but it only raised more questions about the reality I may or may not be living in. So far, the red sky nightmare has stayed out of my life when I can clearly demonstrate to myself that I am indeed awake. I am hoping that this post itself isn't a dream. I have written that sentence before, or at least I think I have.

"Do not be afraid. You will succumb like the rest. Want no more than what he offers. To resist is pointless. Know not but the end." I hear this, over and over in my head. Word for word. I don't know if this is in my dreams or in the time I spend awake. After this is repeated, I hear a faint whisper, child-like, saying simply "the dark one comes".

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Sound

It gets really quiet at night. I sit and type on my computer and the pets sleep. The box fan hums quietly and nothing even so much as peeps. The doors and windows are locked, and the blinds drawn where we have blinds. Last night, I heard a noise. I shouldn't hear anything. All of the pets sleep up here with me. The sound is sudden, like a single footstep, or a small object crashing onto a hard floor. It isn't the sound of the house settling or anything like that. It sounds too.....specific, I guess. The pets pay it no mind, which is even more strange, as the dogs are very territorial.

Osiris has been good lately. He snuggles at bedtime and eats his food again. He isn't playing as rough as he used to, but I think if his hip was better he would be. Him and Sammy get along just like brothers. It's always cool to see a cat and a dog get along as well as these two do.

I still can't find that camera cable. I have tried looking everywhere that I remember plugging it in, as well as places that I store cables. It's strange, not taping the day to day. It feels almost unsafe, like I am not protected. As soon as I get that cable, I am going to feel a lot better.

The nightmares are not going away. The only comfort is that I can seperate nightmares from reality. I wake up after the nightmare, and can clearly establish myself as awake and alert. I have, however, dreamt of posting on here, and uploading videos on the YouTube account. It is my hope that the nightmares will eventually fade, but the red sky feels so menacing, so...wrong.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Lost

The lapse in videos is due to my Camera's charge cable mysteriously going misssing. I have some fun footage that I can post, but I need to find the cable to post anything worth substance right now. Besides, I feel like keeping up a pace of videos every 3-5 days would be hard to keep, as well as my not wanting to flood the channel with too many videos. A new video should be up tomorrow.

Nothing new to report. The internet is back, so I can post blogs and videos without worrying about any sudden connection loss messing with the process. I do not recommend AT&T internet. Pay the little extra and get Comcast.

My fiancee has been cleaning out that strange room. She dumped a bunch of storage in there and now is going through it. Once I get the camera charged I'll shoot a video of it for everyone to see.

One interesting thing to note though, in the nightmares that I'm having about the red sky, I am gradually growing less afraid. More....accepting. I used to run, and now I just wait around the house.