Friday, June 10, 2011

The Climate

It's cold in June. That's a wonderful change. The air conditioner is broken and the summer heat was already bearing down on us. The last couple of days have been stormy and windy. It's brought cold air in, cold air we desperately needed. 

Pixi and Osiris have been toughing it out with us. Osiris has developed a love for ice cubes, a treat that is, in essence, free. Since we're trying to keep him off leash, he will immediately respond to ice cubes, but he doesn't care to respond to Beggin' Strips the same way. The dogs seem very happy with this cold front and I can't blame them. 

When we gave the dogs their treats, Osiris was told to lay down, so he went from sitting to laying down....and right back to sitting. It was cute. He didn't want to hold the position because the Beggin' Strip had farther to go to reach his mouth. It's little moments like these that inspired me to launch the Osiris Chronicles. 

I keep hearing noises now. Noises the dogs aren't aware of. I assume they're in my head, because any time I investigate, it turns up nothing. Next time I hear a noise, I'm bringing the camera, in hopes it picks up anything my eyes miss. Normal noises creep me out suddenly. It's weird. I've never been afraid to hear a car passing by my house before. I live right next to a school, so if the kids are not afraid of the ambient noises of a subdivision, I shouldn't be either. 

I slept better. No bad dreams, but only 5 hours of sleep. I'd call that a win, considering how vivid the dream was. I had felt so young, but I wasn't. I felt like as my legs moved, they stretched out and became longer, but didn't help me move. It was so strange. I've had vivid dreams before, so I'm going to try to move on from this one. 

I could have sworn I just heard a little girl scream. The dogs didn't move. 

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