Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Resurgence

I will be able to post blogs from a real computer in a week. I can't wait. Every time I want to relay my thoughts onto this blog, I am saddled with the the limitations of my failing iPhone. Ever since I started the Osiris Chronicles, my technology has been resisting me. My phone was once able to handle my typing on the safari browser, and now it freezes when I try. 

I am doing my best to keep this blog updated. Osiris has hurt his hip again, so I've been busy making sure he isn't over exerting himself. I think he was just happy and feeling young for a day, and he paid for it. Apparently there are meds that I can give him to help, so I will be looking into those. He got a haircut recently, I took the scissors to him. I feel like I did a good job, and he looks happy for it. That enthusiasm is probably what aggravated his hip injury. 

Have you ever had a moment where you remember something that is important, but somehow forget it before you can translate that thought into writing? This just happened to me. Between nightmares and flashes of forgetfulness, I've had a rough go of things. I've been recommended to keep a dream journal. Draw what is in the dreams, write what is remembered. I've started doing this already, as I mentioned in a previous blog entry. Nothing worth mentioning so far, and the only nightmare I had since starting this I had forgotten in translation much like just now. I will persevere, however, and hope something comes of this. 

Another woman came up to me, while at the video store. She asked simply, "have you looked under the first layer yet?". I was bewildered. I thought the first crazy lady was an anomaly. I think there is a prankster paying nice old ladies to tell me cryptic nonsense. The weird thing is though, she rented The Stand, the Stephen King mini series version. I think it's possible the prankster knew I mentioned The Stand earlier, but how would they know who I am? 

Continuing my random video game write ups will be L.A. Noire. I'll have my thoughts on it in an upcoming blog post. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Electricity

I was able to get the video game InFamous 2 a couple weeks ago, and after playing it non stop for quite a while, these are my impressions. 

The gameplay is solid. The parkour climbing aspects have been cleaned up and there are new, fun ways to scale buildings. The buildings themselves are varied nicely, and the half underwater "flood town" is a cool locale. No one building or place stood out, but the city as a whole felt solid. 

The fighting mechanics are much better. Cole gains many great new attacks and the melée aspect has been greatly improved. He carries a giant electrical tuning fork looking weapon called the "amp" and with it, melée combat is immensely satisfying. 

The storyline is good, not too simple and yet not convoluted. It's easy enough to follow. The game opens with a comic book style cinematic that's gets you up to speed. 

All in all, great game. InFamous 1 was great, and InFamous 2 improved on nearly all facets. Even the new voice actor did a fine job. 

No real news, just been talking to my fiancée's friends. Apparently some guy has been sneaking into their garage and messed with their electrical inside it. I think it's just some deadbeat neighbor. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Punch

Pixi punched me in the eye today. Flush. I've spent the whole day with a bandage around my head that I periodically put ice on. Her claw actually got my eyeball itself, so it's been miserable on that front. Osiris is enjoying the cool breezes that have infiltrated our room. He seems the happiest for this cool June. I can't blame him, it can't be easy being a long haired Golden Retriever in the summer. We'll shave his belly some when we get clippers. 

I'm not sleeping well. Maybe 5 hours on a good night. It's frustrating, especially since there hasn't been a bad dream for a while. The most recent nightmare involved a storm. The sky was red and lightning shook the house. The sky actually laughed at me. I woke up right there. I am sketching my dreams now, after this one. I'm going to lock those sketches away, and look back on them after I get past this string of nightmares. I promise to talk about something non nightmare related next entry. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Heat

Osiris has a bad hip. He was limping badly a few weeks ago, but it seems to have gotten better. When he gets up after laying down for a long period of time it is apparent that it still bothers him. Pixi doesn't want excuses, she wants to play! Summer has finally kicked into gear and we still have no A/C. I don't think we've turned off the fans all week. We've played around with the idea of putting ice cubes in the toilet for them, but haven't bothered. They don't usually run out of water in their bowls so this would only be implemented if we leave for an extended period of time. 

I am still taping the day to day around here. It feels impulsive. It feels right. After the nightmares, it feels safe. The strain must be taking it's toll on both the camera and the SD cards. Some footage is corrupted when i watch it back. I won't stop though, and if I have to buy another camera and more SD cards I will. It's been an endless cycle though, watching through countless hours of footage, but somehow it feels worth it. This has grown into my routine, as an extension of my day. I only think about it when I talk or write about it. 

And by the way I don't like the Miami Heat, I'm glad they lost.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The King

For 12 long years I've waited. Patiently. I didn't yearn, nor did I crave, this day. In fact, I simply welcomed it. I waited by virtue of keeping up with it. Through the medium of the Internet I kept tabs on it. Finally, after 12 years, Duke Nukem Forever is in my hands. Was it worth it?

Simply put, if you liked Duke Nukem 3D and wouldn't mind playing almost the same game with a new coat of paint, it's wonderful. Duke is the same as he ever was, and the game was outrageous as it has ever been. That said, fans of twitch shooters like Call of Duty, well, they won't like this game. It's rough around the edges and hasn't aged particularly well. Mindless fun with loads of nostalgia? Yes. Tight controls and a visually stunning game? No. Let's not forget, video games are here to enjoy and provide entertainment, they aren't simply a competition of graphical superiority. Verdict: rent before you buy. 

I was asleep when my fiancée let the dogs out in a thunderstorm. Osiris stayed in the yard and was good, so she didn't have to wake me. A few normal days in a row. It feels good to sleep without waking up with a horrible nightmare. I feel like any day now, I'll be in that cornfield and Mother Abigail will tell me to beware of the "Dark Man With No Face". I'm hoping this doesn't happen but the only parallel to those dreams that I have found seem to be "The Walkin' Dude" Randall Flagg. I think I'll just ignore it for now and be happy that I am not having nightmares. 

I was told today by an old woman that "below the first layer lies the first step to the last of your pain". When I asked her what she meant, she said she had no idea and some man told her to tell me this. She also said that "first layer" was a physical one, according to this man, not simply a mental or emotional layer. I would have forgotten the whole exchange had the lady just moved on with her day to day, but she collapsed in the middle of the store. She didn't die or anything, but it sure made a scene. Probably just another thing to forget about, I don't need old ladies telling me creepy messages that they claim were passed on to them from some other person. 

Wow. I rambled quite a bit there. Oh well. It's my blog(and Osiris') so I can ramble if I so choose. If anyone has a guess as to what creepy cryptic old lady meant, I'd love to hear theories. Comment or:

I'll do a quick review on inFamous 2 in a few days. I'll also try to get Osiris to do something interesting enough to blog or record for YouTube.

Yes, I'm plugging my other sites. At least I'm not plugging something random and pointless, like a Mega Shark vs Giant Dorito commercial. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Company

The dogs have been needy today. No matter what I did, they kept coming back to bug me. It was cute, I guess, that they wanted to hang out so badly. They still had no idea what to do with themselves. Pixi eats bugs when it is dark out and Osiris sleeps. He has chairs in every major room of the house that he is allowed in. They are clingy, and will only sleep in an occupied room, and these days, I am the same way. I lock them in with me every night so I am not alone. 

I had another nightmare. This one was similar to the other one. This time I could look behind me. The sun was out and it was sunny, but as I ran, it got darker. I looked behind me and it was a tree, a big, tall, twisted looking tree that was causing it. The branches extended into the sky and multiplied. The tree itself had a darkness around it that grew as the tree did. I ran as hard as I could, but I wasn't moving. Before the dark overtook everything in my dream, Osiris woke me up, insisting that he be let outside for the morning routine. What a good dog. 

I'm not allowing YouTube comments simply because this is a channel dedicated to my dog, kind of as a legacy type thing. I'm sure there would be fights on the comments, or people saying mean things, and I want to simply enjoy the videos, and let other people do so as well. I accept any feedback, and will respond to e-mails.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Climate

It's cold in June. That's a wonderful change. The air conditioner is broken and the summer heat was already bearing down on us. The last couple of days have been stormy and windy. It's brought cold air in, cold air we desperately needed. 

Pixi and Osiris have been toughing it out with us. Osiris has developed a love for ice cubes, a treat that is, in essence, free. Since we're trying to keep him off leash, he will immediately respond to ice cubes, but he doesn't care to respond to Beggin' Strips the same way. The dogs seem very happy with this cold front and I can't blame them. 

When we gave the dogs their treats, Osiris was told to lay down, so he went from sitting to laying down....and right back to sitting. It was cute. He didn't want to hold the position because the Beggin' Strip had farther to go to reach his mouth. It's little moments like these that inspired me to launch the Osiris Chronicles. 

I keep hearing noises now. Noises the dogs aren't aware of. I assume they're in my head, because any time I investigate, it turns up nothing. Next time I hear a noise, I'm bringing the camera, in hopes it picks up anything my eyes miss. Normal noises creep me out suddenly. It's weird. I've never been afraid to hear a car passing by my house before. I live right next to a school, so if the kids are not afraid of the ambient noises of a subdivision, I shouldn't be either. 

I slept better. No bad dreams, but only 5 hours of sleep. I'd call that a win, considering how vivid the dream was. I had felt so young, but I wasn't. I felt like as my legs moved, they stretched out and became longer, but didn't help me move. It was so strange. I've had vivid dreams before, so I'm going to try to move on from this one. 

I could have sworn I just heard a little girl scream. The dogs didn't move. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Sleep

I'm trying a new approach. Writing the post on my iPhone notepad and copy/pasting into the blog. Hopefully this works better than blogger itself being laggy on my device. 

I've noticed that a dog matures gradually, and after so many years, that dog that was once a bashful puppy has now become your best friend. Osiris is that to me. I can still remember the first day I got him quite fondly, and even today I can look at him and feel like we've been through a lot together and seen so much of what life has to offer. Plus, he's growing a white goatee, which is pretty cool if you ask me. Summer is approaching, and I might have to cut some of his golden locks, so he doesn't overheat. Our other Golden Retriever, Pixi, is a shorter haired Golden, so I'm not as concerned about her. 

The heat must be messing with my head. Sleep has been hard to come by. I feel like I'm being watched while I am trying to fall asleep. I look around, and obviously I'm not seeing anyone, so it is a little unnerving. I've started to tape the day to day around here more. Not sure why, but it should get me the best moments that Osiris can offer. Since I'm recording with SD cards, I am just uploading it all to my PS3 and keeping anything I deem important. My fiancé is calling me OCD about it, but she says it in a joking enough manner. 

Ever have a dream where you are running but it seems like you move very very slowly? You try to run away from something but it seems like you are not moving fast at all, and the worst part is how tired you feel trying so hard to move? That's what I dreamt last night, after my paranoia subsided. These issues only just began, and I'm hoping that continuing the Osiris Chronicles will put my mind at ease and cure my semi-insomnia. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Beginning

The beginning is as good a place as any to start this blog. Osiris is my dog, a Golden Retriever, and he is about five years old now. I got him as a puppy from a farm somewhere in central IL. After getting a place with my fiancé last year, Osiris came with us, and now, in the middle years of his life, I'd like to leave a record behind of his life and what has endeared him to all those who met him.

However, I don't think I will be able to fill pages with only the day to day of a dog, so he is going to have to share it with me. My phone is acting up, so I will end this first blog right here. I'll update with a second one as soon as my technology decides to co-operate.