Thursday, June 16, 2011

The King

For 12 long years I've waited. Patiently. I didn't yearn, nor did I crave, this day. In fact, I simply welcomed it. I waited by virtue of keeping up with it. Through the medium of the Internet I kept tabs on it. Finally, after 12 years, Duke Nukem Forever is in my hands. Was it worth it?

Simply put, if you liked Duke Nukem 3D and wouldn't mind playing almost the same game with a new coat of paint, it's wonderful. Duke is the same as he ever was, and the game was outrageous as it has ever been. That said, fans of twitch shooters like Call of Duty, well, they won't like this game. It's rough around the edges and hasn't aged particularly well. Mindless fun with loads of nostalgia? Yes. Tight controls and a visually stunning game? No. Let's not forget, video games are here to enjoy and provide entertainment, they aren't simply a competition of graphical superiority. Verdict: rent before you buy. 

I was asleep when my fiancĂ©e let the dogs out in a thunderstorm. Osiris stayed in the yard and was good, so she didn't have to wake me. A few normal days in a row. It feels good to sleep without waking up with a horrible nightmare. I feel like any day now, I'll be in that cornfield and Mother Abigail will tell me to beware of the "Dark Man With No Face". I'm hoping this doesn't happen but the only parallel to those dreams that I have found seem to be "The Walkin' Dude" Randall Flagg. I think I'll just ignore it for now and be happy that I am not having nightmares. 

I was told today by an old woman that "below the first layer lies the first step to the last of your pain". When I asked her what she meant, she said she had no idea and some man told her to tell me this. She also said that "first layer" was a physical one, according to this man, not simply a mental or emotional layer. I would have forgotten the whole exchange had the lady just moved on with her day to day, but she collapsed in the middle of the store. She didn't die or anything, but it sure made a scene. Probably just another thing to forget about, I don't need old ladies telling me creepy messages that they claim were passed on to them from some other person. 

Wow. I rambled quite a bit there. Oh well. It's my blog(and Osiris') so I can ramble if I so choose. If anyone has a guess as to what creepy cryptic old lady meant, I'd love to hear theories. Comment or:

I'll do a quick review on inFamous 2 in a few days. I'll also try to get Osiris to do something interesting enough to blog or record for YouTube.

Yes, I'm plugging my other sites. At least I'm not plugging something random and pointless, like a Mega Shark vs Giant Dorito commercial. 

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