Monday, July 4, 2011

The Thunder

I dislike the 4th of July. Not because a am anti American, but because of what the fireworks do to the dogs. They hate the loud banging noises, and they are always afraid. They hide in the bathroom, and it is so hard to get them to simply relax after a loud evening of non stop mortars. I love seeing the displays, and some of the neighbors really go all out with illegal fireworks. 

We're all huddled up as a family right now, and we'll probably stay right here for the night. I covered my car in a tarp, and that is the extent of my preparedness. Pixi is on the bed with us and Osiris is in his chair. Well, he just got up and wants attention. He's had his fair share of fireworks, but they're still upsetting to him. 

I feel like something is coming. Maybe a breakthrough, maybe something horrible, or maybe simply some bad weather. I have felt like I have been anticipating something for a little while now, and I don't know what. Strange. Maybe it's just my brother getting his new Playstation. I don't know. I have started taping even more lately, as I bought a couple more 16 gig SD cards for the camera. 

I promised a write up on LA Noire, and it'll be in the next blog. 

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