Monday, June 13, 2011

The Company

The dogs have been needy today. No matter what I did, they kept coming back to bug me. It was cute, I guess, that they wanted to hang out so badly. They still had no idea what to do with themselves. Pixi eats bugs when it is dark out and Osiris sleeps. He has chairs in every major room of the house that he is allowed in. They are clingy, and will only sleep in an occupied room, and these days, I am the same way. I lock them in with me every night so I am not alone. 

I had another nightmare. This one was similar to the other one. This time I could look behind me. The sun was out and it was sunny, but as I ran, it got darker. I looked behind me and it was a tree, a big, tall, twisted looking tree that was causing it. The branches extended into the sky and multiplied. The tree itself had a darkness around it that grew as the tree did. I ran as hard as I could, but I wasn't moving. Before the dark overtook everything in my dream, Osiris woke me up, insisting that he be let outside for the morning routine. What a good dog. 

I'm not allowing YouTube comments simply because this is a channel dedicated to my dog, kind of as a legacy type thing. I'm sure there would be fights on the comments, or people saying mean things, and I want to simply enjoy the videos, and let other people do so as well. I accept any feedback, and will respond to e-mails.

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