Monday, October 31, 2011

The Retention

In the most recent video I posted, I took Pixi for a walk, and upon returning, I saw the Stranger standing in the very window that I have looked out at him from. When I went upstairs to look for him(bigger knife than the Shadow video), he wasn't there. My fiancee didn't hear anything odd while we were out, and she still refuses to believe that anyone is there. She thinks that some clothes were just hung up in the closet in such a way that I manifested it into seeing the Stranger. I need proof, solid, undeniable proof, that he is around, and that he is dangerous. I can't show her the events of the park video I shot, because I fear somehow it would wind up in a situation where the police become involved. I am going to try to get this proof, at whatever cost. I can't let her lose trust in me, I need to keep her with me. I can't do this alone.

My memory is strange. No loss, or gaps in my memory, but rather the memories themselves, or whatever I can collaborate with video, don't line up perfectly. I would remember a conversation as me being calm and talking rationally, but the video would show me talking quickly, and a little eccentric. I don't think this is too big of a deal, at least right now, as so long as the memories are there, even if the details don't match. It may just be the stress of Osiris still being gone. We've slowed down our call rate, and our searches grow fewer. I don't know if we'll ever see him again, and if this creepy Stranger punk took him, I am going to personally beat the ever living shit out of him.

Pixi was Darth Vader for Halloween. I'll post a video we took of her in her costume in a couple days. I loaned my card reader to my sister so she can do a school project, so I won't be able to upload it until Thursday. It's still late night on Halloween, I may go out and see if the Stranger or the missing children are randomly roaming the streets.

And to whoever is breaking into my house to play chess against me: My father taught my how to play chess before he taught me how to tie my shoes. You aren't going to beat me, and I don't even see what you are trying to accomplish by playing such a meaningless game of chess against me. Go waste someone else's time.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Gone

Osiris ran away. He chased after that fucker that I call the Stranger. It's been over 3 days. We've looked. Day in and day out, we've looked. We canceled the vacation in order to look for him, and we've turned up nothing. We have gone to every local shelter, and even looked around the local ditches, hoping we wouldn't see him lying in one. No matter what, we haven't found a lead on this. The Stranger hasn't been around since that night, and that's probably a good thing considering how badly I would beat the piss out of him if I find out that he took my dog. I don't have much else to say right now, as the YouTube and the Twitter and the Blogger were supposed to be about Osiris, and now he is missing. I don't know if I am going to update this until he is found and I can simply resume talking about his day to day. I'll make my decision soon enough, but for the few people that actually read these, I wouldn't hold my breath, unless something I film absolutely needs to be uploaded or I experience something that needs to be talked about. There will be a new video up tonight but I am unsure if that is the last one or not.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Frantic

Believe me believe me believe me. Don't act like you don't know don't act like you don't know don't act like you don't know. The Walls. I thought these rooms were bigger.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Unconvinced

She "humored" me, by looking around for this guy. She still doesn't believe that this guy is a  threat, or really doing anything that wrong. She was only mad that he was on the property. She said that the way he  moved his arm while petting(?) Pixi was unnatural and therefore it had to be a prank. The problem I keep running into, though, is that I haven't told her about the park. He way he moved then, what he did, just didn't seem anything like this. It's like he is toying with me by keeping her incredulous. Yeah, I looked at the footage of this newest video and of the park video that I don't want to upload, and it isn't the same. A thought just occured to me. Did I unknowingly make the title "The Taunt" mean both him taunting me about being in my yard and next to my dog, as well as him taunting me with a movement that looked just "off" enough to keep my fiancee unconvinced? I know I am clever, but what if he is too?

I am buying a really nice coat today. Maybe this coat will be enough for me to step into the screen for a video that actually makes it onto YouTube, as opposed to all of the footage I have of me sleeping and other few random times I find myself on the other end of the view-find. This coat is fantastic, oh yes! I have to order it online, so I hope that shipping doesn't interfere with my vacation. Oh yeah, the vacation....

So far the vacation plans are holding strong. I will be heading to Colorado soon. My fiancee has some family there, and I am a Broncos fan, so it should be a nice trip for us and for me to get my mind off of this Stranger nonsense. He can stare at an empty house all he wants for all I care. Obviously I am going to bring the camera. I will upload any interesting places, or people, that we encounter.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Priorities

While the chess board is creepy, a harmless game of chess with a ghost or whatever is not enough to sway me away from buying a beastly new coat. So, if I end up getting a new chess board at all, it will be in November. I think I may have overblown the connection between the chess board and the Stranger showing up around my house. The human mind always looks for patterns, and I believe I may have prematurely connected some dots. I went outside recently, at night, to look for him. I made sure to arm myself, in the event that he tried anything. The video of this is up on YouTube.

Nothing new about the lost but somehow  not lost kids. I don't really know why I am even bothering to take the time to write about that bit of news. i am not related, directly or indirectly, nor do I know, anyone that is involved in this. I mean sure, it makes for something interesting to write about, but they don't have anything to do with Osiris or me.

I started walking. I take the camera and go walking.  I walk around the neighborhood, to local stores,  and even the local forest preserve. It's nice, and a good way to relax and unwind. With this Stranger asshole taking so much face time in my most recent videos, I think I am going to deny this punk the satisfaction of being a fixation, and I will post a new video about something that isn't him. I mean seriously, does that dude have nothing better to do in his spare time? Doesn't he have a family or something? Friends? I don't recall angering anyone locally, except for some idiot woman at the video store. Quick version of that gem: She rented her kid a video game. The clerk asked how many nights they would like to have it, 2 or 5. The little boy, LIKE EVERY LITTLE BOY DOES, looks upward at his mother, eyes hopeful. She gets it for 5 nights. As they are walking out, I make a comment that I just to do that, and the mother gets all pissed like I was making fun of her kid. No, idiot woman, I was reminiscing about my personal childhood and how I completely relate to the situation. Whatever.

I may be gearing up for a vacation out west. More details in the next blog, assuming the plans hold together.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Sidewalks

Something came to attention. Rather fast, I must say. I moved the pawn, and on that night, the Bishop was moved on the board and the Stranger stood on the sidewalk in front of the house. I have video of it. He isn't there anymore, and it seems like he only showed up the one time. This is in stark contrast to him standing under that streetlight for the better part of 2 weeks. He was there, without fail, for every night. Now, after this first night, he hasn't shown up for the last couple of days. This whole haunted chess board and the Stranger creeping around outside the house has really got me on edge. I am thinking about putting the chess board into storage and just buying a new one or something. The pieces are the only thing that gets moved, in the entire house, as far as I am aware.

Osiris has tried to bolt outside every night since the Stranger appeared on the sidewalk. His hip is bothering him still, but he isn't letting that stop him. I hope I can keep him from getting out. He hasn't been eating as much lately, and that, coupled with his hip issues, have me worried. Luckily, he was sleeping when I saw the Stranger outside the window on the sidewalk, so it didn't alter his behavior while a potential threat was around.

There are weird rumors going around. The missing kids, all 3 of them, have still not been found. That isn't the strange thing. The part that is getting attention, though, is the unverified sightings of them. A few people have claimed to have seen them walking around the sidewalks in their neighborhoods, but they disappear before their identities can be confirmed. This isn't isolated. At least 10 unrelated people, in different local neighborhoods have come forward to the police, claiming to have seen them. There was also a murder. An elderly woman was killed in one of the neighborhoods. Again, wouldn't be a big deal, but, the children were seen just a few houses away from the house the woman resided in just a couple hours before the woman's death was reported. Maybe a grand wild goose chase to keep the police looking for these children instead of investigating a murder more thoroughly? Not really my concern, just a strange bit of happenings lately.