Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Abductions

There are reports on the news. Children are going missing. Every local telecast has been talking non stop about it. They are giving tips to parents about watching out for their children. They advise, that even if the stranger is dressed in a nice suit, it doesn't mean he can be trusted. I guess kids are trained to think bad people only dress in grungy clothes. It isn't much of a stretch to think an abductor can dress nicely to give children a false sense of security. That was the only part that stands out to me. The rest of the tips, including the "strangers with candy" the "vans" and all that jazz is such staple advice that I wish they'd discontinue, only because parents should not need the news to tell their kids that for them. It's common sense, and parents should already know about it. Oddball things, like the abductor's dress, is comething most people don't think of. We need that more if we want these abductions to stop. I'll post more details as I learn of them.

Osiris will be going to the vet on wednesday for his hip. I hope it is a simple leg break, and they'll cast him up, and he'll be back in god shape in a couple weeks. He just won't sit still, and it frustrates me that he won't just calm down and rest. He is a trooper though, and still wants to play and run around. It melts my heart. I hope that I can help him and he'll be the active and happy dog that I know him as.

Battlefied Bad Company 2(BBC2) is a great game. In preparation of the launch of the new Battlefield 3, I decided to finally pick up BBC2. This game is solid. The game plays silky smooth and the controls feel natural as soon as you get used to them. The environments are almost totally destructable, which is a neat feature. Almost every building can be blown up, and that is something new to the first person shooter genre. The storyline is solid, nothing too special, but it is servicable. The level design is actually really something special. While yes, most of it is a straight forward game, there are levels like the blizzard level that changes up the pace in a really enjoyable way. The graphics are amazing, and although the game plays at 30 frames per second, it isn't bogged down in any way by the action on the screen. Overall, BBC2 is a great game, that really got me excited for the upcoming Battlefield 3, which, unfortunately, is not a sequel to BBC2, but a sequel to 2005's PC Battlefield 2.

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