Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Sound

It gets really quiet at night. I sit and type on my computer and the pets sleep. The box fan hums quietly and nothing even so much as peeps. The doors and windows are locked, and the blinds drawn where we have blinds. Last night, I heard a noise. I shouldn't hear anything. All of the pets sleep up here with me. The sound is sudden, like a single footstep, or a small object crashing onto a hard floor. It isn't the sound of the house settling or anything like that. It sounds too.....specific, I guess. The pets pay it no mind, which is even more strange, as the dogs are very territorial.

Osiris has been good lately. He snuggles at bedtime and eats his food again. He isn't playing as rough as he used to, but I think if his hip was better he would be. Him and Sammy get along just like brothers. It's always cool to see a cat and a dog get along as well as these two do.

I still can't find that camera cable. I have tried looking everywhere that I remember plugging it in, as well as places that I store cables. It's strange, not taping the day to day. It feels almost unsafe, like I am not protected. As soon as I get that cable, I am going to feel a lot better.

The nightmares are not going away. The only comfort is that I can seperate nightmares from reality. I wake up after the nightmare, and can clearly establish myself as awake and alert. I have, however, dreamt of posting on here, and uploading videos on the YouTube account. It is my hope that the nightmares will eventually fade, but the red sky feels so menacing, so...wrong.

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