Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Upbeat

Today a couple of our friends, Lynn and Charlie, came over, promising to treat us to pizza. I needed a break from the routine of questioning reality, so naturally, we went to Pizza Hut. I brought the camera, so naturally, I have footage. It was a good day, so it was easy to be comfortable, and at ease. I feel like uploading something upbeat again, after the unsettling Nightmare video. In regards to the Nightmare video, why did YouTube make it look letterbox? I haven't watched the YouTube version all the way, because the letterbox look the uploaded video throws a lot into doubt for me. Is YouTube taunting my perception? I haven't looked through the footage, but I don't feel much like I need to. I'll upload it as soon as my fiancee is done using the camera.

Osiris and Pixi are dirty. They need baths. Trouble is, neither of them like baths very much, so getting them to jump in and get clean is a chore in and of itself. Pixi smells worse though, so I may tackle that chore first. I wish we had a fence so I could just hose them down.

The rope toys are gone. The dogs liked those a little too much. They made their feelings known by destroying the jack made out of tennis ball. It's not our fault they eat the rope material, so they shouldn't look at us when we quit buying them rope toys. It is my hope that they will just accept the new toys from here on out instead of showing their displeasure with their current batch. That jack toy is over 3 years old and just now they ripped it apart. Not cool.

I'm going to keep the video game reviews coming along. I will give my thoughts on Resistance 3 and Dead Island when they launch, and then I will do a Gears of War 3 review. No reviews for October, unless I can put Battlefield 3 down long enough to do a write up on it. November will see an Uncharted 3 review, Modern Warfare 3 and Saint's Row 3. As you can tell, the number "3" is a big one this holiday season. In my next blog, I will do a review of Battlefield Bad Company 2. I'm a bit late to the Battlefield party, but hopefully a review now may add even more interest to Battlefield 3. If I decide that a newer, more relevent to today, game is more worthy, I will review that instead.

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