Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Lost

The lapse in videos is due to my Camera's charge cable mysteriously going misssing. I have some fun footage that I can post, but I need to find the cable to post anything worth substance right now. Besides, I feel like keeping up a pace of videos every 3-5 days would be hard to keep, as well as my not wanting to flood the channel with too many videos. A new video should be up tomorrow.

Nothing new to report. The internet is back, so I can post blogs and videos without worrying about any sudden connection loss messing with the process. I do not recommend AT&T internet. Pay the little extra and get Comcast.

My fiancee has been cleaning out that strange room. She dumped a bunch of storage in there and now is going through it. Once I get the camera charged I'll shoot a video of it for everyone to see.

One interesting thing to note though, in the nightmares that I'm having about the red sky, I am gradually growing less afraid. More....accepting. I used to run, and now I just wait around the house.

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