Friday, September 2, 2011

The Flu

Like every story on the news, it seems like the story about abducted children has been overblown. While 3 children have been abducted in the last 2 weeks, it isn't exactly an alarming number, if you consider the reality that children will get abducted and the timing is just a coincidence. No one has even seen the potential abductor, the parents have all said that their kid was outside, one on the way home from school, one was taken while playing outside in the front yard of the family house, and the other one simply wandered into the wooded area of a local park, and was never found. I have doubts that the last one was taken, I think she just may have had an unfortunate run in with a bear or something. I think the news outlets simply want to lump this kid in with the other ones to make the story even more dramatic.

I have a bad flu. It started when I woke up today. My head pounded and felt heavy. After pumping myself with fluids and grabbing a bite to eat it isn't as bad, but definitely not good. I don't remember eating any bad foods lately, or being around anyone  that could have made me feel so sick. Aside from getting food and drink, I have been in bed all day. Crappy day, hopefully it gets better soon. I hope I get better before I go to sleep, I know that flu nightmares are horrible.

Osiris has hip dysplasia. It's supposed to be something older dogs gets, but he got it young, possibly because he was overweight in his youth and traversed a lot of stairs. We can elect to get him surgery or to get him a wheelchair. Both options are expensive, and neither of them are perfect. I don't know what to do about it. I am more happy to be making this video series about him than ever before. It does seem, however, that ever since I've started doing this that things have progessively gotten worse.

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