Friday, August 19, 2011

The Eyes

Osiris licks his paws. I don't know if this is an obsessive compulsive thing, or if he just thinks they're really dirty. We have to yell at him to stop, so he doesn't lick himself raw. I sometimes think about putting socks on him for a while just to get him to stop, but our floors are slippery enough without taking away his traction. He's done this for years now, and I just don't understand it. I think Pixi may be picking up on this habit. I've already had to yell at her to stop doing this as well. They're both very good dogs though, so I don't care too much if they get yelled at for something like this. They almost never hear us raise our voices to them, so they can just deal with it. It's for their own good, at least in my opinion.

I threw french fries at the dogs today. Osiris just sat next to the edge of the bed and I threw them right to him. I made Pixi leap into the air for her's. Well, she decided to leap into the air. No one made her. It made for an amusing time. I love seeing the look on a dog's face when you give them a treat that is too hot or too cold but tastes delicious to them. It's moments like those that you treasure and look back on fondly. It's moments like those that inspired me to start this group of web pages. I can't imagine keeping more than one blog, YouTube channel and twitter account, so we share. Osiris and I share a home, and I think our experiences directly affect each other, so I have no problem posting blogs and videos that aren't always completely related to the life and times of Osiris.

I found the charge cable to the camera. It just popped back into existence, as if by magic. I charged up the camera and it seems to work just fine still. There is something strange though. There are videos on there that I don't remember filming. Videos I think would be impossible to film. I haven't looked at too many of them yet, but I saw one, and posted it on the YouTube channel. The red sky. It's there. I've only seen this in my nightmares. I don't ever remember taking a video of it. From the ambient sounds of birds, it sounds like it takes place during the morning, but I am never awake at those hours. The sunrise also would never leave a sky looking like that. Not a uniform red. I asked my fiancee about the sky and she said she's never seen it quite like that.

I feel like I am being watched. Like there are eyes peering into my house, from every window, all at once. When I look, they vanish. I think this is happening while I am awake, because I seem to only hear voices in my dreams. I don't feel safe. Not alone, at least. I lock the pets in here, so that I have company. They seem so blissfully unaware of the eyes that surround the house. I wish I was too.

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