Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Sidewalks

Something came to attention. Rather fast, I must say. I moved the pawn, and on that night, the Bishop was moved on the board and the Stranger stood on the sidewalk in front of the house. I have video of it. He isn't there anymore, and it seems like he only showed up the one time. This is in stark contrast to him standing under that streetlight for the better part of 2 weeks. He was there, without fail, for every night. Now, after this first night, he hasn't shown up for the last couple of days. This whole haunted chess board and the Stranger creeping around outside the house has really got me on edge. I am thinking about putting the chess board into storage and just buying a new one or something. The pieces are the only thing that gets moved, in the entire house, as far as I am aware.

Osiris has tried to bolt outside every night since the Stranger appeared on the sidewalk. His hip is bothering him still, but he isn't letting that stop him. I hope I can keep him from getting out. He hasn't been eating as much lately, and that, coupled with his hip issues, have me worried. Luckily, he was sleeping when I saw the Stranger outside the window on the sidewalk, so it didn't alter his behavior while a potential threat was around.

There are weird rumors going around. The missing kids, all 3 of them, have still not been found. That isn't the strange thing. The part that is getting attention, though, is the unverified sightings of them. A few people have claimed to have seen them walking around the sidewalks in their neighborhoods, but they disappear before their identities can be confirmed. This isn't isolated. At least 10 unrelated people, in different local neighborhoods have come forward to the police, claiming to have seen them. There was also a murder. An elderly woman was killed in one of the neighborhoods. Again, wouldn't be a big deal, but, the children were seen just a few houses away from the house the woman resided in just a couple hours before the woman's death was reported. Maybe a grand wild goose chase to keep the police looking for these children instead of investigating a murder more thoroughly? Not really my concern, just a strange bit of happenings lately.

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