Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Unconvinced

She "humored" me, by looking around for this guy. She still doesn't believe that this guy is a  threat, or really doing anything that wrong. She was only mad that he was on the property. She said that the way he  moved his arm while petting(?) Pixi was unnatural and therefore it had to be a prank. The problem I keep running into, though, is that I haven't told her about the park. He way he moved then, what he did, just didn't seem anything like this. It's like he is toying with me by keeping her incredulous. Yeah, I looked at the footage of this newest video and of the park video that I don't want to upload, and it isn't the same. A thought just occured to me. Did I unknowingly make the title "The Taunt" mean both him taunting me about being in my yard and next to my dog, as well as him taunting me with a movement that looked just "off" enough to keep my fiancee unconvinced? I know I am clever, but what if he is too?

I am buying a really nice coat today. Maybe this coat will be enough for me to step into the screen for a video that actually makes it onto YouTube, as opposed to all of the footage I have of me sleeping and other few random times I find myself on the other end of the view-find. This coat is fantastic, oh yes! I have to order it online, so I hope that shipping doesn't interfere with my vacation. Oh yeah, the vacation....

So far the vacation plans are holding strong. I will be heading to Colorado soon. My fiancee has some family there, and I am a Broncos fan, so it should be a nice trip for us and for me to get my mind off of this Stranger nonsense. He can stare at an empty house all he wants for all I care. Obviously I am going to bring the camera. I will upload any interesting places, or people, that we encounter.

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