Friday, October 7, 2011

The Priorities

While the chess board is creepy, a harmless game of chess with a ghost or whatever is not enough to sway me away from buying a beastly new coat. So, if I end up getting a new chess board at all, it will be in November. I think I may have overblown the connection between the chess board and the Stranger showing up around my house. The human mind always looks for patterns, and I believe I may have prematurely connected some dots. I went outside recently, at night, to look for him. I made sure to arm myself, in the event that he tried anything. The video of this is up on YouTube.

Nothing new about the lost but somehow  not lost kids. I don't really know why I am even bothering to take the time to write about that bit of news. i am not related, directly or indirectly, nor do I know, anyone that is involved in this. I mean sure, it makes for something interesting to write about, but they don't have anything to do with Osiris or me.

I started walking. I take the camera and go walking.  I walk around the neighborhood, to local stores,  and even the local forest preserve. It's nice, and a good way to relax and unwind. With this Stranger asshole taking so much face time in my most recent videos, I think I am going to deny this punk the satisfaction of being a fixation, and I will post a new video about something that isn't him. I mean seriously, does that dude have nothing better to do in his spare time? Doesn't he have a family or something? Friends? I don't recall angering anyone locally, except for some idiot woman at the video store. Quick version of that gem: She rented her kid a video game. The clerk asked how many nights they would like to have it, 2 or 5. The little boy, LIKE EVERY LITTLE BOY DOES, looks upward at his mother, eyes hopeful. She gets it for 5 nights. As they are walking out, I make a comment that I just to do that, and the mother gets all pissed like I was making fun of her kid. No, idiot woman, I was reminiscing about my personal childhood and how I completely relate to the situation. Whatever.

I may be gearing up for a vacation out west. More details in the next blog, assuming the plans hold together.

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