Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Status

Tristan left his blogger logged in as well as his YouTube. I guess I will just give an update on the current situation.

He is feverish. His temperature is over 100 degrees. Keeping him in bed is easier now, but he has this and his fall injuries to deal with.

His injuries. Nothing too major. When I finally dragged him into quick care, they ran a CAT scan and found nothing abnormal in his brain, so I am happy there isn't a concussion or anything. He has a sprained ankle and wrist, as well as a lot of bruising.

He is delusional, or something. He is speaking in strange cadences, and his sentences are garbled up and don't make too much sense. I personally find some of it rather funny, but I shouldn't laugh when he is in the shape he is in. I will video record one of these little episodes if I can, and put it up on YouTube, and maybe all you in YouTube land can get a chuckle out of it.

I think it is good, this fever of his, at least he doesn't have the stress of that stupid stranger guy, or has he even looked at the chess board in the last week. Maybe everything can return to normal now.


p.s. I think his little naming thing is cute, so I kept up the theme!

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