Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Catalyst

LA Noire is a great example of how video games can be more than any one element. The game features car chases, interrogations, shootouts and clue gathering. Everything blends in well, and the game shines for it. The controls are straightforward and the graphics incredible. The story is well done, as is the new technology that has the voice actor's facial animations translate to the game. All in all, it is well worth a purchase. The game itself is lengthy and has plenty to keep you immersed in the world. 

Osiris refused food today. Strange. I hope he just didn't have an appetite. Pixi ate, and actually tried to eat from both Both equally before I stopped her. Osiris has been rather needy as well lately, I guess he is just in one of those moods. He also hasn't tried to test his boundaries in the yard lately either. Maybe he is just getting old. Either way, I am still a little worried. He is a big part of this family, and when he is dragging, it seems like we all are. 

Another nightmare. Horrible. The sky was red. Lightning struck. I heard strange noises and then had a blinding headache. I came to and from the red sky came this vine like black mass. It reached out at me, beckoning me. No matter what I did, it kept coming closer. As I ran down the street, there were black "X"'s spray painted on the manhole covers, as if saying that trying to escape through those wasn't an option. I got in my car and drove, and that's when I woke up. I don't know why my dreams have been so messed up. I heard the laughter of children, and I can't remember if that was in the dream or if it came from outside as I woke up. I hate sleep. 

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