Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Midnight

I've never been afraid of the dark. I used to read scary stories as a kid, and I just felt like there was nothing to be afraid of. Recently that has changed. I lock up the house at night, not for fear of unsavory people, but because I feel safer from the unknown. I sleep with lights on now. I used to absolutely need to be cloaked in darkness to sleep. Now it seems to be the opposite. I keep having that red sky nightmare. Nothing I do is stopping it. My fiancée works nights, so I am alone here until she gets home. There are days that I'll wait for her to get home before I sleep. I also have become wary of the street light outside the house. Something about it feels wrong to me. I know it's an irrational fear, but it doesn't change the fact that I don't like looking out the window at night. The world feels enveloped at night, like someone is out there, watching, waiting, observing, stalking. Something dangerous. It sounds stupid when I type it out, but it's how I feel. I want to board up the windows. 

Osiris isn't enjoying summer. It's been rough for him. We've kept Pixi from getting to rambunctious with him, as his hip is still causing him discomfort every now and again. He didn't eat much for a couple days, but his appetite has returned in force today. He keeps licking his paws. Is that normal? I don't think it is. My fiancée thinks he has obsessive compulsive disorder. I think he is a clean freak. 

I think I found the first layer that these creepy old ladies had mentioned. Maybe I'm wrong, but regardless, my findings creeped me out further and has subsequently made my insomnia even worse. I'll try to get it on video as soon as I can. I'm hoping this is unrelated to cryptic old ladies. I hope that was just some prankster. Odd coincidence though. 

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