Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Redirection

With the Stranger deciding not to be convenient and show up when we were prepared to jump him, I decided that I need to figure out some way of provoking him, getting him to show up. I made a chess move a while ago, and nothing has happened since then. Haven't seen those kids in a while either. Still, I'd rather act than react. Real life never seems to work in a nice, simple order. It seems to be either hectic or calm. Can't those kids take a number and get in line?

I am going to try to find any living family of Josh and Emma Collins. Maybe, if there are any relatives alive, they can help me understand things better. Also, I may try to find out more about these strange kids, see if there is anything there to go on.

I had another dream that doesn't fit. I was outside of a big house by a river, and was looking for someone. I also felt like I was being followed the whole time. Then, I found the person I was looking for. It was my brother. There were so many things wrong with the scene. The blood. That stood out. I don't normally dream of blood, as I really don't like blood. Most of my dreams, if violence occurs, seem to edit the blood out like a PG-13 movie. Not this time. Also, it all felt so self contained. Usually, my dreams have clear links to something, anything, in my life. This one felt simply strange. The part that bugged me the most is finding my brother in the first place. I know how impossible it would be to do now, as I know the truth. I don't have a brother.

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