Monday, April 23, 2012

The Inquiry

Tonight. We are going to the cemetery tonight. TA, two friends of ours, and me. It is too crowded during the day. I guess it is a landmark or something. One of the only places to visit within the town. So, it being a random Monday night, I decided it is as good as any to find any leads as to what may have happened to Josh and Emma Collins.

I am going to post what I believe is cause and effect to the YouTube channel sometime within the next few days as well. With so much random crap happening, all this feels like a non linear, non subjective, big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey.... stuff. I wish, oh I wish that everything could just take its time, and wait until other random things stopped before they started making every day a new circle of Hell.

Still haven't seen anyone from that night. It was 3 weeks ago today. I think I can close the book on that. The Stranger has been oddly absent as well. I'd drop everything and try to move on..... but there was another move on the chessboard. There was also a strange symbol written on TA's car.

I heard a dog howling at the moon. I wished that it was Osiris. I stepped outside and called for him, but no one came. I miss him.

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