Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Break

It seemed as if everything calmed down for me. Those kids were gone, that Stranger was gone, and things felt sane again. Then I checked my memory stick, because I had a fun video of Sammy getting stuck under the sink, and felt it would be nice to bring my channel back to what it should be: the chronicling of my pets, now that Osiris is missing to the point of lost hope, I was hoping that Sammy and Pixi would pick up the slack. Well, every video was missing except one, that I don't even think I shot, it has weird kids chanting in it, and the video quality is corrupted. It's up on YouTube now. I think I am just going to throw away that chessboard and hope that does it.

December was nice. Got too see my great grandmother, and spend some of christmas with family. I got sick on christmas eve, so the actual days weren't all that fun. Not much snow at all, which is nice as well.

Happy New Year everyone, and let's all hope 2012 is better than 2011 was!

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