Friday, March 23, 2012

The Paranoia

I feel like they are inside the house. All the time. Always watching me. The hallways feel too dark. Every creek, shudder, and groan of the house makes me nervous. Are they whispering to each other? Are they going to kill me? I sleep in the closet sometimes, locking the bedroom door and barricading myself in the closet. I bring a knife with me. I am not sure I could take all three of these guys, even if I was armed.

The Windows. They terrify me. We don't have enough money for blinds, so some Windows are wide open, and I see shadows moving. Is it my imagination? I double check the locks every day. Most are always locked, but sometimes, one of the windows is left unlocked. If they already can get in, what's the use in unlocking the window?

We can't keep living this way. I am going to the cemetery soon, and we are going to just move the hell out of the house as soon as possible. I hope to find a lead on the deaths of Josh and Emma Collins at the cemetery. I forgot what normal life feels like.

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